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P. Kumar

P. Kumar

Pradeep Kumar (LL.M., MSW., LL.B) is a research scholar on Constitution of India. Apart from being a researcher he is also a prolific writer. His writings span the field of Constitutional Law, Integration of state of Jammu Kashmir with India, Human Rights, Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking.

His books entitled " “Article 370: Evolving Clarity Beyond The Conundrum”, Mewar University Press have been widely acclaimed. He has more than 10 research papers to his credit which have been published in the leading law journals, books and e-magazines. He has contributed papers in several national conferences and seminars etc as a guest speaker.

P. Kumar is  also associated with a think tank (Jammu Kashmir Study Centre) as a member of the syndicate. He is also a Visiting Fellow in the Global Village Foundation, a leading development organization forming policies and suggesting innovative ideas to various state departments.

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