PDP can’t afford to ride on chariot of ‘self-rule’ any more

12 Jan 2016 11:25:20


Will Mehbooba Mufti accept to assume the office of Chief Minister of J&K? Has the oath taking ceremony been delayed since there are some problems within the PDP? Is it that Mehbooba did not take oath on 7th January or early 8th January because she wanted to have some changes in the terms of alliance with BJP? Will Mehbooba Mufti succeed in carrying on alliance with BJP? What could be challenges before Mehbooba Mufti for carrying on the Government successfully? What could be the challenges before Mehbooba for carrying her party worth standing to the need for getting through the 2020 elections successfully?

People for the last four days have remained occupied more with such like questions than expressing sympathies with Mufti family on the demise Mufti Mohd Sayeed, the sitting Chief Minister of J&K even when Mehbooba Mufti has been quoted to have said that she will take to the issues of filling the office of Chief Minister only after the grief period as per the religious rites is over. National Conference and Congress have been talking of constitutional crisis in the absence of there being a Chief Minister where as there was nothing like that under the circumstances in hand as per the Constitutional provisions.

True although Governor is Head of the State (executive power of State is vested in Governor), the Legislature of the State consists of the Governor and two houses to be known as Legislative Assembly & Legislative Council but in routine & normal course the Governor can perform functions on the advice of the Council of Ministers except as regards appointment of Chief Minister, Dy Ministers and situation arisen in which the Governor feels that at that moment of time the Government of the State cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the state Constitution and takes over the functions of the State / Legislature under the provisions of Section-92 of J&K constitution. And hence there existed provision for carrying out the functions of the state without a council of ministers in case the leader of the person enjoying the confidence of Legislature can not immediately take the oath of office. And so has the Governor rule been imposed in J&K w.e.f 8th January.

Those out of power would always like that either they too get some share of power or those likely to hold or holding reins do not have smooth sailing. In politician will go with one of the lesser enemy to see that two of the enemies do not come together. And the same way the criticism and offers of support to PDP from NC or Congress should be seen. As regards Mehbooba carrying alliance with BJP there should not be any serious problem and more over in case Mehbooba Mufti takes oath as Chief Minister she has the advantage of being with NDA government at center. As regards sharing the portfolios that cannot be worth defying alliance and some changes / drops should not be taken as alliance risks. It could be for betterment but should not for personal likesor dislikes. More so had there been any resistance from within the PDP cadres for Mehbooba assuming office but Mehbooba willing to become the Chief Minister she would have taken oath without losing any time since her party and BJP had expressed no reservations on 8th January.

Yes, one thing is sure, Mehbooba Mufti will have some challenges to face in coming times. PDP had routed National Conference in Kashmir Valley with its 'self rule' formulae that went beyond the limits that are contained in the Autonomy proposals as regards the Center - State power sharing. Now it is more than 15 years since PDP has rode on the chariot of 'Self Rule' and since now more the PDP will retail it as a tool to defeat NC more difficult will is become for carrying the alliance with BJP worth delivery performance on ground to the people of J&K.

The experience over last 10 months has not been that good and hence the new chief minister will have to concentrate more on delivery of services to the people for atleast next 4 years that taking to vote bank game plans . In a way since PDP can't carry the 'self rule' doctrine any beyond ( PDP well knows it ) it will be better for PDP to find some way out for taking to future political game plans on level grounds with in the provisions of constitution of India and see that more attention is paid to internal affairs of state only. To start with the job may appear difficult but surely it will pay. Mehbooba Mufti is young leader and she can afford to take risk for venturing into pure mainstream politics. Anyhow in today's politics, anything abnormal too can happen.

(Daya Sagar is a senior journalist and a social activist can be reached at [email protected])

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