Reply of Pakistan on Complaint of India

23 Feb 2016 16:04:18

Pakistan Reply on Complaint of India.

(Not verbatim but covers the major aspects of the reply)

Replying on 16th January 1948, the Pakistan representative flatly denied the participation of Pakistan forces and also asserted that Pakistan had neither aided nor abetted in the aggression. He denied the participation of Pakistani nationals in the invasion of Kashmir. He declared that Kashmir’s accession to India was the outcome of the Hindu Maharaja’s collaboration with the Government of India in fraud and violence “and accused the Maharaja of “double dealing” in having first made a Standstill agreement with Pakistan “to appease the Muslim majority   of his subjects” and then having “staged massacres to create a situation which would offer an excuse for accession to India”. The result, he said was the “inevitable uprising “of the Muslim of Kashmir, who were “resolved to sell their lives dearly before they suffered the fate of their co-religionists in the east Punjab”. The Pakistan representation declared that it followed from the above that “Pakistan cannot accept the accession of Kashmir to India “while not rejecting the proposal for plebiscite in Kashmir to decide the question of accession, he declared that a plebiscite while Indian armed forces were in Kashmir would be a “farce” and invited the Council to appoint a commission which would alia arrange for the cessation of fighting.

From the arguments and counter –arguments of representatives of India and Pakistan, It is clear that the following two facts were in issue:

  1. Aggression against Kashmir alleged by India and denied by Pakistan.
  2. The instrument of accession- by which Kashmir became an integral part of India – was obtained, according to Pakistan , by force and fraud and this was denied by India.  


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