The Kashmir protests- A Sponsored unrest

16 Sep 2016 11:02:43

Vasu Pachnanda

The continuing protests and demonstrations in the valley that have been aimed at disrupting the atmosphere of calm and drifting it away from normalcy aren't as simple as they seem to be. Trying to present this chaos as an expression of wrath of the Kashmiri natives against the state establishment and propagating the divisive agenda based on the same, is a habit that the separatists would never like to give up as they are unable to digest the massive voter turnout in the 2014 state elections that came as hefty blow to the separatist scheme on boycotting the electoral participation, and the stable coalition which rose to power with the J&K People's Democratic Party sweeping the Valley and the Bharatiya Janata Party attaining a firm mandate in the Jammu Region. The success of the democratic procedures in the state and the decisive mandate that the people have come up with, both in the Valley and the Jammu region goes on to reiterate the choice of the common masses who have always chosen progressive democracy over separatist manifestos. But this doesn't seem to have gone well with the Kashmiri separatists who felt thwarted by the people's overwhelming faith in the Indian Democracy and its ideals. Since then, looking for trivial instances and trying to instigate the innocent and changing the situation into some kind of chaos has been the sole objective of the separatists who already find their influence waning to the level of extinction. The current crisis in the valley is also part of a larger conspiracy to frame the situation in Kashmir in such a way as if there is something of the sort of a gigantic mass uprising against the State establishment in pursuit of autonomy for the state. But in essence the situation is a complete contrast to what is being advertised by the separatists and other divisive elements, who for the sake of their own vested interests are keeping the valley in a state of constant turbulence. The present turmoil is instead taking a toll on individual lives which have to go through tremendous hardships and prolonged trouble in wake of the uncalled for violence, between the security forces and the fringe armies that supposedly profess to be representing the masses but in-turn are far away from ground level participation. Certain non- state actors including the separatists use this as a plot to scatter pandemonium in the valley so that they could use it as a tool to reflect the fictional Kashmiri uprising for independence. Taking all these considerations into account, the situation in the valley which has become a hub for proxy plays wherein the actual will of the Kashmiri people gets camouflaged by the violence instigated by the fringe elements, the state should simply interpret the situation as a law and order problem and give a befitting reply to all those who think that they can heckle with the unity and integrity of India for the sake of their own personal gains. This has itself been indicated by the very own home minister of India, Mr Rajnath Singh, who said that any attempt made with an aim to disrupt peace and harmony in the valley will be dealt with strictly and rigidly, and no compromises will be made with the stability in the region which is an integral part of the Union of India. Further, the state should also conduct an in-depth scrutiny of the bank accounts of the people who take part in such protests so as to trace any funding that may be coming in the form of "Hawala" to fuel the atmosphere of angst in the valley with some youths pelting stones at the security forces in return for the payment they get for it. Considering the truant nature of our hostile neighbour, that survives its entire politics on the Kashmir Agenda, instead of tending to its own dismal state of affairs in Baluchistan and PoJK and answering for its spree of Human Right violations in the region, and the Separatist lobby that fears the extinction of its agenda of divisive politics witnessing the magnitude of faith the people of Jammu and Kashmir repose in the democratic politics for development and progression, such protests aren't a surprise for sure. But the question remains, if such separatists who claim to be the real representatives of the Kashmiri people have in them what they claim to be, why are they so repelled by idea of proving their mettle and justifying their support in the electoral arena. The answer requires no complex calculations. It is as simple as the question that goes on to expose the hollowness of the Separatist propaganda and the miniscule support that it claims as the will of the entire Kashmiri population.

Despite government's bid to invite these groups of denying men to the discussion table through the all-party delegation that had landed in the valley to resolve the grievances and restore normalcy in the valley, these people just don't seem to get it. The government does so much for these group of deviants, from providing security to offering them a place in the resolution of grievances, but they on the other hand are hell bent upon attacking the unity and integrity of the nation and violating the atmosphere of peace and harmony, that naturally exists in the valley.

These people don't seem to acknowledge the presence of a number of Wanis, like Nabeel Ahmad Wani who made the entire country proud by topping the BSF entrance exam and subsequently joining the Border Security Force, just to offer his contribution in countering all forms of division and extremism in the valley so that it could proceed on the path of progress, whereby every Kashmiri youth gets his right to education and finds the kind of employment by which he lives a life of dignity and integrity in an atmosphere completely devoid of any form of peril.

The increasing representation of the Kashmiri youth in thecivil services further testifies how the Kashmiri people prefer to rise up the path of progress than to waste themselves in the kind of adverse programmes, the divisive elements have been trying to sell.

Even if there are grievances and resentments, such exist in every part of the country and furthermore, the Indian democracy is resilient enough to address them on merit and reach an efficacious solution in the best interest of the Kashmiris.

And if anyone wants to leave the country or choose to live in some other, they are free to do so, but when it comes to Kashmir, let it be clear that "it was, it is, and will always remain, an integral part of India."

And last but not the least, anyone who tries to hinder the progress of the Kashmiris or tries to poke its nose into the internal affairs of India should not be and of course will not be spared unpunished. ([email protected])

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