14 Oct 2017 12:13:10

Kishtwar : It has become a  habit of  few pakistan Sympathisers to carry forward the ideology of separatists & give boost to anti national activities in J&k  and hurt the sentiments of all the Nationalist people.It gives immense pain, when the same ideology is being imparted, either in some few Educational institutions by the so called Nation builders or few top level Govt.servants in J & k state. All this happens only when such officers have full political blessings or their sympathies who neglect all these serious charges for their own minor political mileages. Though any comment against one's own Nation or any kind of disrespect to their own National flag or National Song is a serious crime in any nation in the world, but in our country Bharat, such kind of activities hardly matter for anybody. And if anyone here,stands against such incidents they are charged as communal.
The same incident which occured few days back at Govt. Degree college kishtwar where a kashmiri professor in his lecture in a classroom, had pointed a very disgusting remark towards a particular community & the constitution of this country.Though some students tried to protest against such comments  but they were latteron threatened by the college authorities as well as the Dist. Administration of dire consequences.All this matter was hushed up in order to save the skin of that erring professor.
The same episode occurred yesterday at Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School, kishtwar when a KAS officer,

Assistant commissioner (revenue) (ACR), Mohammed Syed Khan on the direction of Dist.Dev. Comm., had come on a surprise raid to check absenteeism.The time he entered in the office of principal, all the staff members at that time were present in the morning assembly ,and the national Anthem was being played.The ACR straightway went in to the office & took the attendance register and started leaving. when few lecturers asked him to show some respect to the anthem in front of the students, especially when he was a public servant.
On hearing this, Khan lost his cool and allegedly abused these builders of nation , which in turn angered the students, who shouted slogans and staged a protest against such arrogance. 
The teachers including the principal, rather tried to pacify their students & save the ACR from the wrath of students. In the meanwhile one of a personal bodyguard of ACR gave a blow to some few students, who then started shouting slogans & protested against the officer & his men. 
Police from outside was called by the erring officer who later came inside the school and lathi-charged the protesting students and teachers.
Few students including one lecturer who was trying to pacify the students & trying to calm down the situation, was injured during this whole episode. 
Though the DDC kishtwar, Mr. Angrez singh rana immediately called a meeting in his office with few teachers,where he without hearing their plea, tried to shield his officer &  showed his anger towards the whole teaching fraternity & blamed few teachers for all the protest. The teachers then left his office & gave a press conference against the humiliation of builders of Nation in the the hands of such erring dist.officers. Till evening when the news regarding the disrespect  towards the National song by the erring ACR ,humiliation of lecturers fraternity & lathicharge on students reached to every corner of the state,the anger roused among all the people of the area and students community who gave a call for strike . But on seeing the situation worsening,the DDC next day, immediately called an urgent meeting with the teachers of school and pacified them. Though the DDC promised to order a probe within 15 days but Meanwhile some students union along with some social organizations have given an ultimatum of two days to the state govt. to take strict action against the ACR Kishtwar  for deliberately, showing disrespect to national anthem and lathi-charge on students or they will now be forced to start a statewide agitation against such incidents for which state government will be responsible. They have thrusted upon the government to enquire about both the college & Hr. Sec. School episodes & asked them why sedition charges  should not be imposed on both the erring college professor as well as the KAS officer,so that nobody in future would even  think of spreading any hatred against their own country or its laws.

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