Yes the inherent ancient history of Kashmir is Hindu

16 May 2017 12:52:28

By Shakti Munshi

Kashmir existed as Kashmir even before 1947 – as was mentioned in the Nilamata Purana. Sharda Peeth in Kashmir was the seat of learning visited by Adi Shankrachrya. Abhinavgupt the greatest philosopher, mystic and aesthetician of the 2nd millennium was born in Kashmir and lived his life in the Valley. Mahayana Buddhism was born in Kashmir and taken to Tibet, China, Korea, Japan and other places. So when we talk of Kashmir we do not talk of a piece of Real Estate but a Source of Indian Culture, Identity, Tradition and Heritage of several millennia.

The recorded history of Kashmir shows that there was no shadow of Islam in the valley till Sultan Mehmood of Ghazani made an unsuccessful attempt in 11th century AD to conquer this Hindu inhabited area. A literary Sanskrit book – “Rajtarangini” written by Kalhan in between the period 1147- 50 AD and history of most celebrated Hindu kings namely Lalitaditya of 7th century AD as well as Avantivarman of 11th century AD are enough proofs that this state had a Hindu origin, which was gradually Islamized by foreign invaders after 13th century AD mostly by force, threat, and killing and some by the missionery as mentioned in Baharistan-i-Shahi.

Inspite of the conversion much of Kashmiri Islam came from the influence of Sufism and Hindu Vedanta. The Kashmiri Rishis were originally Hindus and they preached a peaceful Islam in the valley until 1947.

The Sun Temple at Martand (Anantnag) was built during 8th Century AD, which was much before Islam's advent to Kashmir Valley.


What really happened post 1947

Jinnah, the creator of the Two Nation Theory, which gave birth to Pakistan, was extremely confident that the majority Muslim State of Jammu &Kashmir would automatically accede to Pakistan. But based on the India Independence Act 1947 Maharaja Hari Singh the ruler of J&K State decided to accede to India on 26th Oct 1947.

Pakistan since then has not given up its effort to disrupt the peace of this State. The Valley politicians since 1947-from Sheikh Abdullah to Farooq to Omar Abdullah and all others took advantage of Article 370. These valley politicians have always had double speech one when they are in Delhi and other when in the Valley thus manipulating both the Central Govt and at the same time exploiting the the valley people for their own selfish lust for power and money and treating the J&K State as their Jagir. There has been undue political weightage and manipulation in favoring politicians from the Kashmir valley since 1951 itself and the valley politicians do not want to loose it. The political weightage favoring the Valley Muslim always ensures that the Chief Minister is from the Kashmir division. Even a Muslim from Jammu region has not been allowed a right to this position of State politics. Thus the Valley centric State Govt. always enjoys unquestioned power over the people of the J&K State in favoring or denying them their Fundamental Rights under the garb of Article 370.

The Central Government in the past preferred to look the other way, giving a confused signal to people of valley, rest of India and the world too about the status of J&K which in clear terms is an integral part of India and has no Special Status which Omar and other valley politicians claim. Confusion on this important issue further multiplied with occasional statements of political leaders including those holding the highest political office describing the accession as "conditional" while others seek resolution of Kashmir "dispute", meaning that J&K's accession is yet to be settled The paid media and the cultivated intelligentsia of India added to the chaos.

During the latest J&K assembly session of Feb 2017, the leader of oppossition Omar Abdullah warned CM Mehbooba Mufti in the House that the BJP might use the judiciary to scrap Article 370 as it has understood it cant use the Legislation for the same. To this the present J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti said any move to change J&Ks special status would be Anti National … Mehbooba Muftis responding statement is a standing joke because the valley politicians of J&K do not give the Constitutional right to equality to all J&K State subjects and make anti national statements when it suits their political agenda but start reciting Nationalism & the Indian Constitution as soon as their own interest are hampered. Someone has to remind the valley politicians that you either live or die by the Constitution or reject it completely as the Indian Constitution has a sanctity and you cant pick and choose whenever and whatever suits you .

The result of all the misinformation in the valley , lack of information in rest of India, dirty local politics, propaganda by paid media, negligence of senior leaders / politicians of the Central Govt led to the suffering of all the people of the Jammu & Kashmir State i.e. the locals of the Valley, West Pakistani refugees, POJK refugees , Safai Karamcharis , Women , Kashmiri Hindu Pandits and the Border displaced refugees.

Valley Environment

The people of the Valley ( 99% Muslims after the cleansing of all Hindus from the valley ) had started with Sufi Islam are now being radicalized by foreign mercenaries. The existing patriotic moderate Kashmiri Muslims voices get gunned down by the militants and terrorist who are armed with AK 47 and other weapons and are often supported by J&K politicians especially when in opposition.

The youth of the valley is being radicalised because they have been fed on lies, money and untruth and are exploited by their own valley based politicians. What is further scary is that a large part of the population in Kashmir is becoming a victim of drug abuse.( Acc to Inspector General of Police, Abdul Gani Mir ) He said in year 2014, a total of 282 persons were arrested under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act, 1985. And more than 8000 people have been treated at the police’s drug de-addiction centers in Anantnag and Baramulla districts and the one in Srinagar. But the Valley politicians are not concerned with the coming destruction of the next generation in the valley.

Lets look at the chants of AZAADI & lets us question what it means to the valley youth. Is Azaadi going to madrassas or militancy or being forced to wear abayas or stone pelting and killing of people of other religion or not letting a young Girls Music Band perform and enjoy music? Is Azaadi shouting from the mosque roof tops ‘Kashmir mein agar rehna hai, Allah hoo Akbar kehna hai’.

What further suprises all is that these same militants shouting for Azaadi have not given their own kids the azaadi to educate & think for themselves. There are videos going viral of 3 to 4 yrs old todlers dancing on the tune of resentment and hatred of their parents and indoctrinated to kill, maim and destroy at such a young age. These children who should have been in schools studying science maths and arts etc are trained to hate other communities What kind of Azaadi is this ? Is it Azaadi when you use a young gullible child for stone pelting and as a shield (for INR 200/-) so that the terrorist could fight or kill the army or police personnel. Waving black ISIS flags after Friday prayers… is that the future Azaadi you aspire for your young kids or is Islamisation of the Valley Azaadi?

The J&K State has been mismanaged or looted by the State political parties. Today Jammu city is known as a City of Refugees as there are 20 lakh refugees / displaced people living in camps in Jammu. The refugees include Kashmiri Pandits, West Pakistani refugees, POJK refugees, Border Displaced people etc. and none of the valley politicians are interested in their rehabilitation.

Suffering of Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits)

They were discriminated since 1947. With more then 80 to 90% literacy, KP should have been ruling the roost in absence of any competition worth the name but the community even at the best times did not fill up more than 4% posts in the state services as everything from admission to State professional Colleges to State jobs were manipulated for the valley Muslims. Finally in 1989-90 more then 350,000 to 400,000 Kashmiri Hindu (pandits) were thrown out of the land of their ancestors, culture and livelihoods because ‘yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e-mustafa’.

The atrocities pre and during 1989-90 on Kashmiri Hindu Pandits is absolute act of cruelty and barbaric behavior. Imagine a Kashmiri Hindu kid called out by his muslim brother on the pretext of playing cricket and being shot dead. Or when a militant/terrorist raped a nurse, cut her breasts and sawed her on a saw machine. Or when a scared Kashmiri Hindu was shot at when he was hiding from the militants inside a rice drum in his attic. Take the case of Dr. Prof. Warriku of the University Maths department who on his exodus filed a writ in high court for his salary and the reply from the VC and registrar in affidavit accused him of taking the whole library along with him during his exodus so they cut INR 2.5 lakhs from his salary. The list of atrocities commited on Kashmiri Hindus ( Pandits) is unending with Nandigram , Sangrampura , Wandhama and other massacres.

Fraternity between Kashmiri Hindus and Kashmiri Muslims was lost when thousands of men marched up the streets shouting ‘we want Pakistan without the Pandit men but with their women'. Inspite of all atrocities every Kashmiri Hindu (Pandit) today holds his head high with pride as not a single Kashmiri Hindu child has become a stone pelter, militant, terrorist or separatist inspite of 27yrs of sufferings.

The West Pakistan refugees

Following India’s partition in 1947, according to official figures, 5,764 Hindu families, most of them belonging to Scheduled Castes migrated from outside of then undivided Jammu & Kashmir & settled in areas along the international border, they have now grown to nearly 20,000 families (about 250,000 in nos) and spread out in Jammu, Samba and Kathua districts. Of these only 20 families are Muslims, according to West Pakistani refugees leader Labha Ram Gandhi.

All the West Pakistani refugees are deprived of their right to education, State jobs, employment & owning homes in the State of J&K since they are not considered as permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir according to section 6 of the J&K Constitution. They can’t avail of any benefits that accrue to the citizens of the State nor can they vote for the J&K State Assembly elections. But then the same reason, logic or law did not apply when the Kashmir Resettlement Act, 1982 was introduced for the resettlement of people of J&K who had left India in 1947 to go to Pakistan. According to this Act people who had willfully gone to Pakistan in 1947 could come back and claim their rightful state subjectship in J&K State whenever they wanted. Fearing the consequences, then Governor B.K. Nehru referred it to the President of India. The President of India referred it to the Supreme Court for legal advice. The apex court returned the reference without any comment in 2001 On 6 November 2001, the State Government of Jammu and Kashmir decided to implement the controversial law. In 2002, the Supreme Court, however, stayed its implementation on a petition filed by Jammu and Kashmir Panther’s Party president Bhim Singh and another person. Why did not the valley politicians extend the same concern and sympathy to the West Pakistani refugees (Hindus) after seventy years of living in the J&K state?

The Government of India in the past miserably failed to protect the rights of the West Pakistani refugees and the State political parties whether the National Conference (NC), the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) or the Congress played their vote bank politics. In 2007, then Chief Minister Ghulam Navi Azad constituted a high level political committee and held an all parties meeting for two days to evolve consensus on the issue of the refugees, including the grant of status of Permanent Residents to the refugees from West Pakistan. However, no consensus could be evolved. PDPs Mehbooba Mufti even refused to participate in meetings of the high level committee while the National Conference leadership shied away from adopting a clear-cut policy on the issue.

The valley politicians who quote the UN Laws and Resolutions when it suits them but don’t give a thought to the International Human Rights Law which is unambiguous about the prohibition of citizenship based on “jus sanguine” i.e. based on the nationality of their parents instead of where they are born. The valley politicians claim it will change the demography of the Muslim State of J&K. The grant of permanent residentship to about 250,000/- victims of partition cannot change the demographic character of the Kashmir valley (where Muslims are in a majority) but the truth is West Pakistan Refugees are deprived of their rights because they are Hindus –Don’t the majority Valley Kashmiris have a case of discrimination to answer?

The valley politicians while refusing West Pakistani ( Hindu ) refugees the status of Permanent Residents are very keen to accept the Rohingya muslims of Myammar and Bangladeshi Muslims who have settled in Bhathindi area of Jammu which is protected /prohibited forest land and the irony is that recently the PDP wanted to regularize these colonies on forest land just to change the demography of Jammu region where PDP and NC lost 25 assembly seats to BJP. The Rohingya muslim Maulana Shafiq, now runs a madarssa or Islamic school for Rohingya children in Narwal Bala, where a sizeable number of these stateless people live. The J&K State has several charities that help the Rohingyas migrant. However, security forces see this Rohingya population as a potential threat in the militancy-hit state after one of the two foreign militants killed in a shootout in south Kashmir last October turned out to be a native of Myanmar. A military official called them a ticking time bomb. But the valley politicians want to regularise these colonies . Why? Is it to surround the Hindus of Jammu and slowly ethinically clean the place like they did in the Valley with the the Kashmiri Hindus in 1989-90.

Pakistani Occupied Jammu & Kashmir Refugees

There are 1.2 million wounded souls of POJK, who were subjected to genocide by the tribes backed by Pakistan during Oct-Nov of 1947. These raids destroyed not only the life and property of lakhs of people but also the very fabric of human society and relationships. These refugees belong to Mirpur, Poonch and Muzaffarabad districts of J&K. All these POJK refugees are Hindus and Sikhs and non- Kashmiri Muslims and were therefore not allowed by Sheikh Abdullah to settle in the Valley even though Muzaffarabad district was part of Kashmir province before 1947 in the name of retaining ‘Kashmiriyat’! i.e. Muslim Majority. The estimated population of these refugees presently settled in Jammu province is about 10 to 12 lakhs. They have 24 seats reserved but vacant in the J&K assembly because of which they have no political status in the J&K assembly These POJK refugees are still living in camps in Jammu. They have still not got the compensation for resettlement but the J&K government in 1982 enacted the Resettlement Act to permit any of the Pakistani citizens to stake their claim on the property that they or their ancestors have left behind in the unoccupied part of J&K State.

The Supreme Court however stayed the implementation of the act in 2002. Such is the biased treatment meted out to the helpless refugees by the valley based and controlled J&K Govt. Border Displaced People The plight of Chhamb refugees and other displaced persons during wars with Pakistan is largely self-inflicted. Nearly 5000 families were displaced in 1971 from Chhamb under Shimla Agreement as under this agreement most of the area of Chhamb was given to Pakistan. Along with them a large number of people have migrated from villages on the border and Line of Control during wars in 1965 and 1971. Many of them were advised to vacate their lands by the army to enable it to lay mines on the border.

According to a statement of the Divisional Commissioner, Jammu, their number totaled 1.5 lakhs. Even if they go back, they cannot enter mined areas and an area of 16,000 acres of land occupied by the army. The valley based politicians are all over on the electronic media fighting for mercies and assistance for stone pelters and militants but are not remotely concerned about the condition and suffering of these Border Displaced people. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the wrongs happening in the J&K State, which if not corrected now can have disastrous consequences on the future of INDIA.

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