Ajay Singh Jasrotia: The Army Major who did not care for his life to save his soldiers

15 Jun 2017 15:26:14

The Statue of Maj. Ajay Singh Jasrotia in Sainik Colony, Jammu

Adv. Ronik Sharma

Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia was martyred during Operation Vijay of the Kargil War in 1999. The courageous Major Ajay laid down his life for the country while re-capturing the Point 5140 that dominates the Srinagar-Leh highway at 17,000 feet along the Tuloling Ridge Line. Incidentally, Point 5140 was the highest position occupied by intruders of Pakistan Army in the Kargil sector during their intrusion within the Indian territory. 

In order to re-capture this point, three battalions were sent out from different directions – the Garhwal Rifles, Jammu and Kashmir Rifles and the Naga Regiment. Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia led the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles. He organised troops into suitable groups and also carried the injured soldiers on his back, braving the heavy artillery shelling.


He showed exemplary commitment in evacuating his injured soldiers during the gun battle but unfortunately a mortar shell landed near him that injured him seriously.


Yet, a brave heart that Major Ajay was, he did not care for his life and continued to evacuate other injured soldiers. As the wounds and blood loss worsened with every passing minute, Major Ajay increased his efforts further. He finally succumbed to his injuries due to heavy blood loss. Due to Major Ajay’s efforts several of injured soldiers who were evacuated by him have survived.

But the young Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia lost his life and attained martyrdom.


Major Ajay hailed from Jammu and was born on April 13, 1971. He was the son Arjun Singh Jasrotia, a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the BSF (Border Security Force). 


Popular among the BSF school mates as Rambo, Major Ajay was commissioned in the Indian Army in 1996. He was awarded with the Sena Medal for his exceptional sacrifice and commitment during the Kargil War.



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