Ancient ties of Jammu and Kashmir

14 Jan 2018 11:58:44


Jammu and Kashmir State was one of the five Princely states of the British Indian Empire that were directly handled by the Governor General of India / Viceroy of India. British had acknowledged a 21 Gun Fire Salute status for Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir {Hari Singh Bahadur} as it was for the Prince of Mysore, Baroda, Gwalior and Hyderabad. Historically Kashmir had been for times immemorial identified with Bharat {India}. The territories of India too have deep historical land marks although there have been a variety of governing  compositions  of the  local governance. The cultural traditions, practices and the socio religious  identities and the oneness from Himalayas to Kanya Kumari { even  through to Sri Lanka and Islands around} cannot be overlooked , though many may try to  work out  new  tailored or temporarily alien identities  for India. It is a hard , painful, regretful  and most agonizing fact of modern history of India that some people  fell into the trap of the British rulers  and a separate new  country  Pakistan was carved out of India. The new Dominion Pakistan was made on the demand of some Muslim leaders from the same India where the Muslim and Hindu unitedly rose against the East India Company in 1857 and carried through steadily till 1942 against the British Crown. Even  after 15 August  1947 many muslims  preferred to stay back in India  and did not move to the “Islamic Republic” of Pakistan  { Dominion of Pakistan } that took birth in 1947 demonstrating the failure of two nation theory. Both Hindu and Muslim have paid the price for the misadventure by some of their own people. Lakhs of people died and huge number suffered loss of honour / wealth. There are many in India and Pakistan who even curse today those who pushed the culturally and traditionally monolithic Indian people   into the dilemma of 1947 partition of India. People of Pakistan have not still been able to address their identity without referring to India and further broke into two parts in 1971. The foundations raised only on religious considerations have collapsed just in two decades. The masses in Pakistan and Bangladesh are the worst sufferers of the misadventure of Muslim League.


The people of India too have been feeling the heat all these years  since disturbed  Pakistani governments, so far kept on diverting the  attentions of their people  from the local misgovernance in the name of enmity with” Hindu” India. On the contray fact of the matter is that  India has nearly as large  muslim population as Pakistan has. But the worst sufferers have been the people of Jammu and Kashmir State.


Immediately after 1947 most of the people of Jammu and Kashmir   considered the accession of JK with India as truthful and final. A small number would surely have been there who had inclination towards Pakistan in terms of the two nation theory. But I am pained to write that any separatist  ideology that is seen in 2013 in  Jammu and Kashmir and  Kashmir Valley in particular,  is more due to wrong and insincere handling of the JK affairs at the level of Delhi. The misfortune of the people of JK started right after 1946. Since Kashmir affairs were particularly handled by Jawahar Lal Nehru before  accession and after accession, I would  opine that all what we see today is due to the wrong  handling by Jawahar Lal  Nehru's  Government and thereafter also   mostly  by Governments where Congress held the reins at New Delhi and even  in JK including the period after 2002. I should not be misunderstood as a votary against Congress whose leadership did many goods for Indian people except the manner in which its leadership handled Jammu and Kashmir affairs. Mishandlings passed from one hand to another, even non Congress Governments at New Delhi too could not work for effective corrections and believed more in temporary and cosmetic corrections. So the separatists and anti accession propaganda and  campaigns have succeeded in bringing a section of  people near to their belief.  The most effective tools used have been {i} 1947 Accession of Kashmir with Indian Dominion was not truthful {ii}  1947 Accession of Kashmir with Indian Dominion was conditional {iii} 1947 Accession of Kashmir with Indian Dominion was not complete.  And no doubt where ever possible they could use also {outside the scope of the principles laid down for accession} a parameter that it was a Muslim majority Princely State which was outside the scope of the Principles laid down for the Accession. The people of Jammu and Kashmir have remained in confusions and elusions since last  six decades.


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