Maharaja Hari Singh- The unsung hero of the Saga.

20 Jan 2018 15:04:33


The position of Hari Singh, the last ruler becomes of great importance. He is the person with whom history has not done justice. It was stroke of his pen, which made Jammu and Kashmir, a part of Bharat. But, instead of putting light on his contribution with facts, a campaign of distorting facts was initiated. Historically, Maharaja Hari singh had always opposed the Britishers. He had been a true patriot .


While speaking in the Round table Conference,” he declared that he had taken birth in the Land of Bharat, had grown up while playing in this holy soil of the land. Being Indian, all Yuvrajs, Kings had stood firmly with the demand of Bharat of having right to equality and honorable palace in the British Commonwealth of Nations. Britishers took this stance in very bad taste and started to conspire against Maharaja Hari Singh. He was forced to accede to the Pakistan. Maharaja Hari Singh wrote in his letter to President dated 16/17 August, 1952 that , “Lord Mountbatten further told us that the newly created States Department was prepared to give an assurance that if Kashmir went to Pakistan, it would not be regarded as an unfriendly act by the Government of Bharat. Lord Mountbatten stressed the dangerous situation in which Kashmir would find itself if it lacked the support of one of the two Dominions by the date of the transfer of power.

“ The language of the letter itself is self explanatory that it was adviced to him to accede to Pakistan. But he did not give up on his efforts. In those chaotic conditions he appointed Sh. Mehar Chand mahajan, as Prime Minister of the State. Maharaja knew that Mehar Chand would be able to handle affairs of the State in critical period and in a Statesmanlike manner. Maharaja Hari Singh never dreamt of Independence. He wanted to accede to Bharat timely, but could not do because of Childlike demand that power should be transferred to the Sheikh Abdullah.


There was no tradition at the time that King was bound to transfer his power to reality. But, why such conditions were made in the State. The only motive of such activities was to confuse him to delay the accession of The State. Allan Campbell, , who was the media in charge of the Viceroy, made his conversations with Mountbatten public which clearly indicated that Mountbatten had been trying to impress the Maharaja Hari Singh to delay the question of accession from June to October. On the other hand Jawaharlal Nehru was creating problems for Maharaja Hari Singh. He was not ready to do discussions with Maharaja on the question of accession. He wanted to do it with Sheikh Abdullah, which was not even possible constitutionally.


There were confirmed reports that Pakistan had attacked parts of the State. Instead of finalize the issue of accession; Nehru was more interested in release of Sheikh Abdullah who was in the Jail for last on year. He was in the jail because he initiated movement against Maharaja Hari Singh. Now Hari singh was being forced that same person should be released and power should be transferred to him. Due to pressure tactics of Nehru and Mountbatten, Maharaja could not take decision and Pak Invaded the State.


It describes magnanimity of his character that in the interest of country, he kept aside his differences on crucial points with Nehru, he got ready to release Nehru and made him emergency Administrator. He signed the Instrument accession and Jammu and Kashmir became an unit of Bharat.




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