International Intervention in Jammu Kashmir

09 Feb 2018 10:54:40

During the investigations with recently arrested terrorists, it has been revealed that the movement going on in and around Kashmir Valley is running on the strength of external forces and money. The terror activities in Kashmir have reached a stage in which the Kashmiri separatists have become mere tools. The game is being played by others. On the one hand, Pakistan has constantly maintained dispute over Kashmir, and on the other hand, China has not stopped giving stapled visas just to make his claim over Kashmir.


Even though China has already occupied forcibly a vast area of strategically important Kashmiri land, it has continued to increase intrusion on the borders. America, although denies any direct interference in Kashmir, yet it is giving indirect support to secessionist forces and activities through Pakistan.


America wants to maintain the dispute in Jammu & Kashmir, or may be it wants to use Jammu & Kashmir as a buffer state between India and Pakistan. This is perfectly favorable to the US diplomatically. If the US can somehow enter into Jammu & Kashmir, it can keep an eye over China and Middle Asia, as well as SAARC countries including India. This is the reason why America is not prepared to severe its relationship with Pakistan or to stop funding to Pakistan, even though it has been proved repeatedly that the ISI, the intelligence agency of Pakistan, is repeatedly involved in the terror activities in India.


Presently, America is supporting this movement on the international forum due to its vested interests and for making its permanent presence in the Middle Asia through Jammu & Kashmir. During the decade after 1950 it was America that had instilled hope in the mind of Sheikh Abdullah regarding an Independent Kashmir. The US wanted to have its influence on Middle Asia through its permanent military base in Jammu & Kashmir.

On the other hand, China also, keeping in view its strategic interests in Gilgit and Pak-occupied Kashmir, wants to keep the dispute of Jammu & Kashmir alive. And this why China keeps the issue raking up through various stupid ways – such as intrusion of the Chinese army in Ladakh, issuing separate permits for the people of Kashmir in place of normal Visa that is granted to Indians, not showing Jammu & Kashmir in the map of India used in China.


[This article is an extract from the book “Jammu Kashmir: An Analysis of Facts” authored by Sh. Ashutosh. Further chapters of this book will be covered later in a series.]

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